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  • How To Install And Maintain Welding Machine? 2018.06.18

    The welder must be properly grounded before use to protect personal safety. Before using the welding machine, 500V megohmmeter must be used to test the insulation resistance between the high voltage side of the welding machine and the case is not less than 2.5 MΩ. The power supply must be turned off for maintenance before it can be checked out of the box. After the welder passes the water, it is welded and it is forbidden to work without water.

  • How To Use Welding Machine? 2018.06.17

    1. When welding, adjust the position of the electrode rod so that when the electrode is just pressed to the weldment, the electrode arms are kept parallel to each other.

  • What Is The Working Principle Of Welding Machine?2018.06.12

    The process of spot welding is to open the cooling water; the surface of the weldment is cleaned, and the assembly is accurately carried into the space between the upper and lower electrodes, and the pressure is applied to make the contact well;

  • What are the characteristics of MIG welding machine? 2018.06.12

    Like TIG welding, it can weld almost all metals, especially for welding aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, and stainless steel. Almost no oxidation burns in the welding process, only a small amount of evaporation loss, the metallurgical process is relatively simple.