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MIG Series have Semi-automatic MIG/MAG welder with inverter control module. It’s suitable for welding of low carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and it’s alloy. White welding aluminum and its alloy, double driven roll wire feeder should be used. It is used for steel and flux-cored wire welding and CO2, MIG,MAG gas protection welding. Meantime Welding current and voltage can be adjusted individually.


Product Description

Product Specification

Model  MIG-300F IGBT MIG-500F IGBT
Input Voltage(V) 3-AC380±15% 1-AC230±15%
Frenquency(HZ) 50/60 50/60
No load voltage(V) 55 76
Rated input capacity(Kwa) 13.7 22.4
Input Current(A) 22 34
Output current range(A) 60-350 60-500
Rated output  Voltage(V) 31.5 37
duty cycle at  25/ 60%  25/ 60% 
40/40 % 40/40 %
Efficiency(%) 85 85
Power factor  0.93 0.93
Type of wire feeder wire push wire push
IP  21 21
Insulaion class F F
Wire Diameter(MM) 1.0-1.2 1.0-1.6
Dimension  655x378x655mm 715x415x665mm

Product Features

1.Advanced IGBT technology, reliable quality and stable performance.
2.Unique wave control, optimized the wave and arc character of CO2/MAG
3.Powerful and wide adjusting range; stable at both high and low current.Excellent ignition and penetration control,little spatter during welding.
4.The arc is stable and distinctive.
5.It can remove the welding seam after arc-ending,Welding distortion is small,forming a good welding quality
6.Using PWM control techniques to improve the shape and reduce spatter.
7.Continuously adjustable current and voltage to meet the wide range request.
8.All th connectors are Europe type. Both 2 rollers drive and 4 roller drive are acceptable.Two type of wire feeders for choice.
8.Complete accessories-MIG torch,electrode holder and earth clamp with cables, face mask,welding brush and carton box.